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  • pulp

    We could have chosen a trendy brand name like Liquidz, or Love-vapes, or even e-Delight.

    We chose PULP. Why PULP? It’s not a reference to Tarentino’s movies. It’s all about Taste —fruits, veggies, wooden spoons, old school juicers… It’s a cook’s kitchen.

    PULP is not the ordinary e-juice. PULP is both real gourmet pleasure and insane mouth madness.

    Our dream team —the very same ones that brewed our range of flavours — is made of cooks, flavour specialists, culinary advisors, and of course… you. All of you, vapers, were put to contribution in selecting among hundreds of flavors, the ones that truly made your mouth.

    PULP was born amidst the dry scrubland of typical Provence Garrigue bathed in thyme and lavender fragrances. This is where our state of the art lab is located, in the shade of centennial oak trees.

    Although lost in the middle of a wild landscape, our lab boasts the latest safety and hygiene standards of the industry. No wonder that our PULP facility became our breath of fresh air every time we leave Paris.

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